Custom Content Level 2 - Part 1:

A Few Questions Before You Die?


July 15th, 2024, 12:00AM UTC

Cancelled by Lord DreadRaver




3 - 6

computer VTT: Roll20
3 hours $12 5XP
Lord DreadRaver close

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The GM FKA David
he/him GM 1 year 33 tables played 60 hosted


Old Grognard


Very Experienced

Old Grognard, meaning that I have seen many campaigns and systems in my time but I am not a curmudgeon! I love delving into dangerous dungeons almost as much as I love building and running them! Dedicated to supporting and encouraging people new to the hobby. We should all be here to have fun!

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Welcome to the Waiting Room! Would you mind answering a few questions about your experience? How would you console a weeping hydra who's sad because it can't decide on the perfect accessory for each of its heads? What is Substance 42b and how did it get on you?


This is a level 2 custom content adventure (part 1 of 2). This can be any L2 5e adventure, chosen by the GM. Check the GM Notes for details.

Created by Lord DreadRaver AKA GM David

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