Custom Content Level 4 - Part 1:

Tidal Waves at Turin Val


July 16th, 2024, 6:00PM UTC

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3 - 8

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4 hours $18 20XP
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Chris Durand
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Lifelong gamer of all the gaming realms from Atari and TRS80 days to the modern era, Started with Dungeons and Dragons 2E, although I had an original boxed set. Created several campaign worlds for IRL TTRPG games like DnD. Service industry management professional. Avid sports fan and fantasy sports player. Head banging, rhythm and bluesing, funky disco rock and roller!

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Usually a peaceful, resort like town on the edge of the Bef'Zuraak territory, has seen tumultuous times set upon them from the sea! The waves off shore have come crashing into town with vigor and fury washing away several key businesses and tourist hot spots of interest. The local fishing and seafood supplies have nearly creased to exist as the tidal waves have rendered sailing and water travel impossible. Several small vessels in fact have been sunken to the floor of The Maw in the Sunrise Sea. Rumors abound of evil looking amphibious creatures and several town residents have indeed gone missing!! Just when the Archduke Bak'Bahlhim thought he had his hands full of threats from Gnolls and the Undead...this new threat arises to the East! The vice fast is closing on the home of the Dragonborn, in this all new CALL TO THE WALL ADVENTURE!!!

#Heavy Combat

This is a level 4 custom content adventure (part 1 of 2). This can be any L4 5e adventure, chosen by the GM. Check the GM Notes for details.

Created by Chris Durand

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